ade_of_roke (ade_of_roke) wrote in secondlifers_uk,


Hi this is a slowly evolving community......anybody looking to help out and co-manage please get in touch!

Not much activity yet but please help to make this community richer by joining up !....

Please post some interesting SLURLS .....
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Hello! I guess I accidentally stumbled across this community. I was actually surprised, I didn't realize that there were any games in existence like Second Life. *living under a rock* What really caught my attention is that they keep promoting, or at least advertising, the idea that what you create in Second Life is yours, you really own it. I'm not sure what "in game" play is like... but it seems really interesting and frightening in a way. Frightening mostly because you can have a virtual economy and rights and... yeah. I think you get my point. ^^ Anyways, I hope the community works out for you! Good luck!
cheers for the message.:) well, it's a new community, just to keep some uk focus. There has been a lot about SL in the news, and they've kind of already built a virtual version of London.
If u hav a good computer and web connection , i recomend trying SL becasue it's a completely free download.

It's not frightening, but it's a new kind of web. I don't consider it a 'game' really, because there's just nothing that obvious to do: it has more potential as a communication platform and realm of the imagination.
It's easy to meet and approach people than say, LJ.....

Anyways, hope u'll give it a go, and join up and contribute info to this someday!